Why Should You Hire an HVAC Company for Regular Maintenance?

Why Should You Hire HVAC

HVAC services are available for repair, installation and regular maintenance. However, while fixing or installing an HVAC system might be a little too difficult for most homeowners, many still prefer to do at least some of the maintenance work on their own.

DIY maintenance can, of course, help you save some cash. But the question is, to what extent? And is it even worth it, when you might in fact overlook some things and end up neglecting one or more of your HVAC system’s important needs?

Common Maintenance Requirements

An HVAC maintenance checklist is usually manifold. Some tasks have the role of ensuring a smoother function – for instance, cleaning the vents to make sure the system doesn’t need extra power to cool your house – while others are strictly preventive in nature. One of the keys to making sure your HVAC works properly is to know which of these can and can’t be postponed, and for how long. Most HVAC experts will know that, and they can definitely give you tips on what the most pressing and crucial maintenance tasks are. However, it’s usually best to just call them and have them take care of the matter.

Despite popular belief, the number of tasks required for regular Denver HVAC maintenance is quite extensive. Most people know about a few of them, such as cleaning or replacing overused filters, cleaning the condenser or taking the dirt off your evaporator coils. However, there are many others as well:

  • You have to make sure to clean the drain lines and check to see if any of them are clogged. Proper flow is essential here and it can mean the difference between a working and broken down HVAC unit.
  • The same is true for drain pans. In this case, while clogging isn’t an issue, overflow can be another problem that you could face, and that will have to be taken care of.
  • Ducts have to be inspected for mold and various debris, and you’d also have to check the humidity levels. These are tasks that are usually best left to a professional.
  • Also, it’s best to leave the replacement of worn belts and pulleys to your HVAC specialists as well. Any tasks relating to the mechanical functionality of the unit could end up leading to a breakdown, if they are not performed or checked properly.

Dealing with the Newest Heating and Cooling Systems

Of course, considering the maintenance requirements of regular HVAC units, most people will believe that they aren’t too difficult to learn. But what if you just installed a brand new heating and AC system, and you don’t even know where to start due to the huge difference between its architecture and the construction of older models?

In such cases, you simply can’t go into it blind and hope to find all the parts that need maintenance work. If even the base technology is different, and your new system operates on something like geothermal energy, rather than electricity or natural gas, then you definitely need to call your local HVAC experts to help you out.