Who Do Businesses Call When They Need Water Damage Repairs?

If your business is affected by water damage, you are all of a sudden faced with several important decisions to make, many of them related to the types of professionals that you should call to remediate the damage. Here are some things to know about what different building restoration businesses do and how they can help you.

Phoenix Water Damage Restoration Companies

These businesses are the first respondents to call if your commercial facility has sustained extensive water damage because of a flood, a roof damage, heavy rain, melted snow or a plumbing accident.

Your Phoenix water damage restoration team will perform an inspection of the damaged area, they will ensure the safety of the area by disconnecting the utilities, then they will install and turn on their commercial-grade pumps to extract the excessive water. If the situation allows, they remove the items from the flooded rooms before the pumping starts – if that is not possible, the removal of the items will be handled after most or all of the excess water has been pumped out.

When the pumping process is complete, the water damage restoration team will replace the pumps with powerful ventilators to drive out as much of the remaining lingering moisture as possible.

Professional Cleaners

Whatever the cause that has led to the water damage, your spaces probably need professional cleaning. If the damage was caused by a flood, hiring Phoenix water damage professionals for the job is even more important – flood water is usually contaminated and can spread diseases, therefore removing every remaining particle of it is an essential part of the restoration process.

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Mold Removal and Building Restoration Companies

Extensive water damage usually affects the walls and the floor in the damaged area. Both the walls and the floors are usually porous surfaces that absorb water and that are probably damaged beyond repair and will need to be removed to prevent any illnesses as well as to remove the mold that does not take long to appear in a building that has sustained water damage. The best way to ensure that the process is handled correctly is by hiring a mold removal business for the job. Your specialist team will inspect the area affected by the damage, they will remove the affected surfaces and they will treat the surfaces with special mold prevention substances. The final phase of the process involves the cleaning of the air with the help of air scrubbers that use High Efficiency Particulate Air filters and through insuring efficient air replacement.

Building Restoration Contractors

When the clean-up is complete, including asbestos removal in Colorado, and all of the contaminated surfaces have been removed, you will probably need a team of building repair technicians to install your new flooring, your drywalls, your insulation and to finish your walls before you can move back in.

Plumbers and Electricians

If the water damage has been caused by a plumbing issue, you should obviously call a plumber to check and to fix the fault, but hiring a plumber is very important if your building has been damaged by a flood, too. You also need to make sure that the electrical system is safe in your entire building before you move back in, so hiring an electrician for the check-up and the necessary repairs is essential, too.