Signs Your Home Air Conditioning Needs Repair

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The need for a properly working air conditioner rises along with the exterior temperatures and the time when the weather turns brighter and warmer is also the time when HVAC service calls are the most frequent. Experts agree that air conditioners should never be repaired by amateurs, so here are some signs that should prompt you to call a Littleton heating and air repair company right away.

Warm Air Coming from the Vents

The least thing that you need when it is scorching hot outside is a HVAC unit that blows even more warm air into your rooms. If you notice that your HVAC delivers warm air instead of a cold breeze, the first thing to do is to check the thermostat to see whether is not accidentally left on warming mode. If the thermostat is working correctly, the problem might be caused by a fault of the compressor or restricted airflow somewhere in the system, so you should call a service technician right away.

An Insufficient Quantity of Air Delivered by the Unit

There can be many causes behind the issue, including things that are easy to remedy, such as a clogged filter or vent, but the culprit might be a more severe issue, such as a broken motor. The problem needs to be diagnosed and repaired correctly only by trusted Littleton heating and air service professionals.

Frequent Cycling

While your HVAC should turn on and off at regular intervals on hot days, if it cycles all the time, at very short intervals, the issue needs a visit by a professional. In some cases, the problem can be resolved with a simple tune-up, but in very severe cases, the only remedy might be the replacement of the unit.

A Foul Odor Coming from the HVAC Unit

Bad smell emanated by the HVAC is a very common problem that also needs a professional. The issue is usually caused by contaminants reaching into the HVAC unit or into the attached ductwork and it can usually be remedied by means of professional cleaning. The process requires the use of special substances and tools, such as ultraviolet lamps, therefore it can only be performed by trained HVAC technicians.

Strange Noises Coming from the Appliance

Any hissing, rattling, banging or buzzing that comes from your HVAC needs to be professionally investigated right away. The problem might be caused by minor issues, such as a clogged filter that prevents proper airflow, components that have become loose inside the unit or touching ducts, or by something more severe, such as a damaged compressor or a fault of the motor. Whatever the reason, the problem can only be remedied by a professional.

Water Leaking from the Unit

Air conditioners produce condense while they are cooling the air in your rooms, but the process should not cause water accumulation in your home. Neglected leaks can cause severe damage to your HVAC and it can also cause damage to your walls and floors, therefore you should call a Littleton heating and air service technician immediately when you notice that your HVAC has started leaking.