How to Make Your Plumbing More Efficient This Winter

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The winter can affect your plumbing in multiple ways. It can cause metallic pipes to contract, lead to water freezing inside pipes, and create situations where cracked or burst pipes can become even more compromised than they already were. Make sure you follow the advice given below, if you want to make sure that these issues and others will not affect the efficiency of your plumbing this winter.

Winterize Your Pipes

The first thing you have to think about before the arrival of the cold season is that you have to winterize your pipes. If possible, replace metal pipes with PVC where metal is not essential. Also, consider installing heat cables in outdoor areas where the heat from your home can’t reach the pipes. That way you won’t need to worry that they would freeze in those specific areas.

As for the pipes in your home, there are a few methods to make sure they don’t freeze or break because of the cold, and that they can operate at peak efficiency. You can cover them with cloth or tape to keep the cold from reaching them, or you can adjust the heating so the temperature will never drop below about 45-50 degrees. That way, you’ll prevent anything from freezing and you can even leave your house for a longer period of time without having to worry.

Check Your Water Heater

If you have a water heater, you might find that low pressure in your hot water pipes could result from the water heater being damaged. Have a professional take a look at it and inspect it for damage to tell you why the water pressure is so low, check for other damage if it’s present, and get the problem solved as soon as possible.

This problem has to be solved as early as possible, since it could cost you a lot of money. If your hot water is only provided at low pressure, then it can easily lose a lot of its heat while traveling through the pipe, which will require you to turn up the heat on your water heater. That puts added strain on the system while also causing the heater to use up more fuel or electricity.

Use Preventive Repairs Wisely Before Winter

Property management experts and Denver plumbing company technicians alike will advise you to set aside some of your maintenance budget before winter to take care of any preventive repairs that are not necessarily urgent. Leaky faucets, old pipes that haven’t been replaced in a long time and slightly clogged drains can all cause a lot of trouble, and if any of these problems gets bigger in the winter, then the job of fixing it will be not just far more difficult, but also more expensive.

To make sure you know exactly which areas of your plumbing will need the most attention before the freeze sets in, talk to your local plumber and call them over for a complete inspection of your plumbing system. That will give them a clearer picture on which damages are the most essential to fix to prevent future problems with the coming of winter.

Signs Your Home Air Conditioning Needs Repair

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The need for a properly working air conditioner rises along with the exterior temperatures and the time when the weather turns brighter and warmer is also the time when HVAC service calls are the most frequent. Experts agree that air conditioners should never be repaired by amateurs, so here are some signs that should prompt you to call a Littleton heating and air repair company right away.

Warm Air Coming from the Vents

The least thing that you need when it is scorching hot outside is a HVAC unit that blows even more warm air into your rooms. If you notice that your HVAC delivers warm air instead of a cold breeze, the first thing to do is to check the thermostat to see whether is not accidentally left on warming mode. If the thermostat is working correctly, the problem might be caused by a fault of the compressor or restricted airflow somewhere in the system, so you should call a service technician right away.

An Insufficient Quantity of Air Delivered by the Unit

There can be many causes behind the issue, including things that are easy to remedy, such as a clogged filter or vent, but the culprit might be a more severe issue, such as a broken motor. The problem needs to be diagnosed and repaired correctly only by trusted Littleton heating and air service professionals.

Frequent Cycling

While your HVAC should turn on and off at regular intervals on hot days, if it cycles all the time, at very short intervals, the issue needs a visit by a professional. In some cases, the problem can be resolved with a simple tune-up, but in very severe cases, the only remedy might be the replacement of the unit.

A Foul Odor Coming from the HVAC Unit

Bad smell emanated by the HVAC is a very common problem that also needs a professional. The issue is usually caused by contaminants reaching into the HVAC unit or into the attached ductwork and it can usually be remedied by means of professional cleaning. The process requires the use of special substances and tools, such as ultraviolet lamps, therefore it can only be performed by trained HVAC technicians.

Strange Noises Coming from the Appliance

Any hissing, rattling, banging or buzzing that comes from your HVAC needs to be professionally investigated right away. The problem might be caused by minor issues, such as a clogged filter that prevents proper airflow, components that have become loose inside the unit or touching ducts, or by something more severe, such as a damaged compressor or a fault of the motor. Whatever the reason, the problem can only be remedied by a professional.

Water Leaking from the Unit

Air conditioners produce condense while they are cooling the air in your rooms, but the process should not cause water accumulation in your home. Neglected leaks can cause severe damage to your HVAC and it can also cause damage to your walls and floors, therefore you should call a Littleton heating and air service technician immediately when you notice that your HVAC has started leaking.

What Are the Main Reasons to Do OSHA Fall Protection Training?

Let’s face it, fall protection training is very important in a variety of professions, whether you’re training to become a builder, or you just want to work in logistics at a factory. Large shelves and the ability to use a forklift to access taller areas in a warehouse will already require at least some minimal fall protection training, and when you work in construction, you simply can’t go without that part of safety training.

Now, OSHA has been regulating safety standards for more than half a century. So, if you want to be recognized as someone whoa actually has good fall protection training, you will definitely have to consider an OSHA fall protection training course.

OSHA fall protection training

Safety Concerns: Fall Protection vs. OSHA Fall Protection

It’s no secret that OSHA recommends and offers special courses that provide health and safety training and also cover fall protection and fall arrest training. So, with an OSHA-approved course, you really can’t go wrong. However, some of these courses are somewhat expensive, and a lot of people would prefer to cut some corners, save some cash and choose a non-OSHA compliant course. But is that a practical choice?

The difficulty with courses that are not regulated or approved by OSHA is that you don’t really know what to expect. It’s possible that they will give you practical information that you can use, but it’s equally possible that you’ll come out of the course without knowledge of some very important points that could end up making a huge difference – sometimes even life and death.

Another issue is that, if you choose a course that isn’t OSHA-compliant, any inspection at your job could spell trouble. Your employer might have hired you anyway, and agreed to pay you less, but they are actually taking a huge risk with that. Depending on where your job is located and what the local laws and health & safety regulations have to say about the matter, there could be legal issues, your boss could lose his/her license, and you could end up losing your job.

As such, in all practical terms, it’s better to select an OSHA-certified course rather than risking it with a fall protection class that is not regulated. In the longer run, and especially if you plan to build a career out of your current profession, it really doesn’t make any sense to take any unnecessary risks.

Getting a Better Job

Something that not many people know is that an OSHA-approved course could actually help you find a better job. Employers will be pleased to see that you have an OSHA Card or that you completed a fall protection class that is OSHA-approved.

As a result, you will be in a better position to compete with unqualified workers as well as qualified workers that don’t have proper health and safety training. Safety is extremely important when it comes to construction work and any similar professions in the contracting and roofing industries. When you comply with OSHA standards, your paycheck goes up and you will have a whole new avenue full of great jobs lining up for you to choose from.

Why do People Get a Home Sanitizing Service?

Your preoccupation for your home is reflected not only in the design that you choose, but also in the way you organize and maintain your house, the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and objects. A neat and organized house means more space, less germs, less worries and more happiness. It means a healthy environment for you and your loved ones.

Cleaning dirty surfaces, followed by their disinfection is one of the measures to prevent COVID-19 as well as also other infections with pathogenic germs. More and more people get home sanitizing services primarily to protect their health. Natural products such as vinegar or baking soda do not kill all viruses and bacteria, and chemicals should be used with caution. Professional home sanitizing services will transform your home into a safe environment, without any risk.

Disinfection involves the use of chemicals that kill germs on all surfaces. This process does not clean the surfaces, but due to its antibacterial, antifungal and germicidal properties, it ensures the elimination of microorganisms. Disinfection completes the cleaning, but does not replace it.

home sanitizing service

Reasons to get a home sanitizing service

  1. Professionals use appropriate products to sanitize each surface

Do you know all that time spent in stores reading the labels on sanitizing products to find out how effective they are, how they are used, how toxic they are, how long they have to operate etc.? If you turn to professional services, you will not need to go through so much information again. Specialists are equipped with everything needed for disinfecting any type of surface. In addition, they only use certified, non-toxic, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions. It will be harder for you to find professional solutions in regular stores, because sanitizing companies buy them directly from producers.

  1. Professional home sanitizing services clean even the areas you tend to forget about

Disinfection specialists have a well-developed routine in the home sanitizing process. In this way, they can guarantee that no corner of the house is ignored.

  1. You get the peace of mind you need

Knowing that your home is a safe environment, where viruses and bacteria do not lurk around only to attack and cause health problems, is a great relief anytime and even more so now, during the pandemic, when we are psychologically vulnerable to the threat that we cannot see it – but we see its effects.

  1. Your fatigue and stress are reduced

Cleaning and sanitizing involves high energy consumption and can even be stressful if you have no one to help you. We all know that fatigue and stress can have a negative impact on your health, so by hiring professional services you have the opportunity to take care of other important matters while making sure your home is in good hands. In addition, no matter how much effort you put in, you will not achieve the same results as a professional sanitizing company.

  1. You can contact home sanitizing services whenever you need

If you want to make sure that your home remains a healthy place, without the risk of infections, you can make a contract with a home sanitizing company and get their services at recommended intervals. In this way, the results will be maintained for long periods.

What Causes My Sewer to Need Repairs?

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In most cases, the reason for sewer blockage is not a technical one. According to statistics, in the leading positions among the causes that determine the blockage of the sewerage system is the non-compliance with the basic rules and the negligence of the people. Unfortunately, many people prefer to mistake the sewer with a trash can.

The sewer needs repairs in the following situations

  1. Clogged pipes

This problem often occurs in sanitary installations. Usually, the first sign that a pipe is clogged is the very slow water flow from the tub or sink. If the situation is worse, the water will not drain at all.

Why are the pipes clogged?

The pipes are clogged with household debris that reaches the sewer system. In the case of kitchen pipes, they often become clogged with oils, animal fats, food scraps, coffee grounds, etc. The pipes in the bathroom end up being clogged with hair, wet wipes or even ear sticks and cleansing diskettes.

How can you solve the problem?

First of all, it is good to prevent it. Avoid throwing debris in the sink and use a leak protection filter for your sink, tub and shower holes. If the inevitable happens and you discover that a pipe is clogged, the most convenient solution is to try unclogging it using a chemical solution, available in the stores. For small blockages of dirt that accumulate inside the pipes, this solution will work most of the time.

However, if the blockage is not removed after using such a solution, you should move on to using a manual pump. Operated with short and fast movements, it will cause the dirt plug to disintegrate. Another handy solution is the use of a drain snake.

If nothing works, it’s time to turn to a professional Denver HVAC plumber, because it means that the problem is more serious than it initially seemed, and a specialist will know what to do and how to operate efficiently, without damaging the sewer system.

  1. Low water pressure

There is nothing more annoying than arriving home after a long and tiring day and discovering that you have not enough water pressure to take a shower.

Why does this happen?

The reasons can be multiple. It is important to first identify the problem, to know where to intervene. One of the reasons why the water has no pressure, at least in the case of the shower, can be related to problems with the sewer and water leaks. If the pipes have not been installed correctly, or may have cracked due to wear and tear or mechanical factors, they will allow water to escape through small cracks and holes or through lose joints. Your sewer must be maintained regularly in order to prevent such problems.

  1. Mechanical breaking of sewer lines

This may happen when people do various digging projects without first contacting experts to mark the underground lines in the area. Any digging project – as minor as it might seem – has to be treated responsibly to avoid calling sewer repair specialists (and/ or other specialists!) later.

What Are the Best Faucet Brands?

Choosing the right faucet or faucets for your home can be a daunting task – there are so many great, reliable brands out there, faucets come in so many styles and designs, in so many price categories that making the best decision is surely a complex process. Many brands today provide top quality products, so rather than recommending specific brand names, here are some important factors that you should consider when choosing your fixtures.

The Looks

Faucets come in a seemingly endless array of styles – you can easily find units that feature vintage and classic designs, but modern styles are also available; you can choose shiny, matte and textured items and the range of the colors available is also very wide. When choosing the style of your faucet, consider the design that the fixture will be installed in, then choose the faucet design that either complements or contrasts the overall style of your space.

The various materials used for creating faucet finishes offer various levels of durability. Chrome is the most durable finish, the one that offers the highest level of scratch-resistance and is the easiest to keep clean. Nickel is used for creating satin or matte finishes and they need more frequent cleaning, while most colored faucets feature epoxy finishes.

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The Functionality

The height and the reach of the spout and the type and number of the handles are the two most important operational aspects. To identify the perfect faucet, Denver plumbing professionals say to measure the sink that the faucet will be connected to – a spout that is too short or too long will hinder usability and so will an unsuitably selected curve.

You should also consider the number of holes on your sink – most sinks have three holes, one for the hot water handle, one for the cold and one underneath the faucet. Singled-handled faucets use only one hole and they usually come with integrated plates to conceal the unused holes, so if you are planning to replace the classing, double-handle configuration with a single-handle one, check for the availability of the plate, too.

The Sprayer

The sprayer is an optional accessory, but one that makes usage much more comfortable. There are basically two types of sprayers that you can choose from: more traditional side sprayers that are practically separate units and much more comfortable pull-down sprayers attached to the faucet. The second option will allow you to direct the jet of water more accurately and is also a more dependable solution.

The Interior of the Faucets

Faucets are not very complicated fixtures, but they are used all the time, so whatever components your fixtures feature on the inside need to be made from the best, most durable materials. The component that ensures long-lasting drip-free operation is the valve – the part can be made from many different materials, the best choice being ceramic. Fortunately, the faucets equipped with ceramic valves are not more expensive that the others, so all you will need to check to make the best choice is the product description.

Who Do Businesses Call When They Need Water Damage Repairs?

If your business is affected by water damage, you are all of a sudden faced with several important decisions to make, many of them related to the types of professionals that you should call to remediate the damage. Here are some things to know about what different building restoration businesses do and how they can help you.

Phoenix Water Damage Restoration Companies

These businesses are the first respondents to call if your commercial facility has sustained extensive water damage because of a flood, a roof damage, heavy rain, melted snow or a plumbing accident.

Your Phoenix water damage restoration team will perform an inspection of the damaged area, they will ensure the safety of the area by disconnecting the utilities, then they will install and turn on their commercial-grade pumps to extract the excessive water. If the situation allows, they remove the items from the flooded rooms before the pumping starts – if that is not possible, the removal of the items will be handled after most or all of the excess water has been pumped out.

When the pumping process is complete, the water damage restoration team will replace the pumps with powerful ventilators to drive out as much of the remaining lingering moisture as possible.

Professional Cleaners

Whatever the cause that has led to the water damage, your spaces probably need professional cleaning. If the damage was caused by a flood, hiring Phoenix water damage professionals for the job is even more important – flood water is usually contaminated and can spread diseases, therefore removing every remaining particle of it is an essential part of the restoration process.

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Mold Removal and Building Restoration Companies

Extensive water damage usually affects the walls and the floor in the damaged area. Both the walls and the floors are usually porous surfaces that absorb water and that are probably damaged beyond repair and will need to be removed to prevent any illnesses as well as to remove the mold that does not take long to appear in a building that has sustained water damage. The best way to ensure that the process is handled correctly is by hiring a mold removal business for the job. Your specialist team will inspect the area affected by the damage, they will remove the affected surfaces and they will treat the surfaces with special mold prevention substances. The final phase of the process involves the cleaning of the air with the help of air scrubbers that use High Efficiency Particulate Air filters and through insuring efficient air replacement.

Building Restoration Contractors

When the clean-up is complete and all of the contaminated surfaces have been removed, you will probably need a team of building repair technicians to install your new flooring, your drywalls, your insulation and to finish your walls before you can move back in.

Plumbers and Electricians

If the water damage has been caused by a plumbing issue, you should obviously call a plumber to check and to fix the fault, but hiring a plumber is very important if your building has been damaged by a flood, too. You also need to make sure that the electrical system is safe in your entire building before you move back in, so hiring an electrician for the check-up and the necessary repairs is essential, too.

Why Should You Hire an HVAC Company for Regular Maintenance?

Why Should You Hire HVAC

HVAC services are available for repair, installation and regular maintenance. However, while fixing or installing an HVAC system might be a little too difficult for most homeowners, many still prefer to do at least some of the maintenance work on their own.

DIY maintenance can, of course, help you save some cash. But the question is, to what extent? And is it even worth it, when you might in fact overlook some things and end up neglecting one or more of your HVAC system’s important needs?

Common Maintenance Requirements

An HVAC maintenance checklist is usually manifold. Some tasks have the role of ensuring a smoother function – for instance, cleaning the vents to make sure the system doesn’t need extra power to cool your house – while others are strictly preventive in nature. One of the keys to making sure your HVAC works properly is to know which of these can and can’t be postponed, and for how long. Most HVAC experts will know that, and they can definitely give you tips on what the most pressing and crucial maintenance tasks are. However, it’s usually best to just call them and have them take care of the matter.

Despite popular belief, the number of tasks required for regular Denver HVAC maintenance is quite extensive. Most people know about a few of them, such as cleaning or replacing overused filters, cleaning the condenser or taking the dirt off your evaporator coils. However, there are many others as well:

  • You have to make sure to clean the drain lines and check to see if any of them are clogged. Proper flow is essential here and it can mean the difference between a working and broken down HVAC unit.
  • The same is true for drain pans. In this case, while clogging isn’t an issue, overflow can be another problem that you could face, and that will have to be taken care of.
  • Ducts have to be inspected for mold and various debris, and you’d also have to check the humidity levels. These are tasks that are usually best left to a professional.
  • Also, it’s best to leave the replacement of worn belts and pulleys to your HVAC specialists as well. Any tasks relating to the mechanical functionality of the unit could end up leading to a breakdown, if they are not performed or checked properly.

Dealing with the Newest Heating and Cooling Systems

Of course, considering the maintenance requirements of regular HVAC units, most people will believe that they aren’t too difficult to learn. But what if you just installed a brand new heating and AC system, and you don’t even know where to start due to the huge difference between its architecture and the construction of older models?

In such cases, you simply can’t go into it blind and hope to find all the parts that need maintenance work. If even the base technology is different, and your new system operates on something like geothermal energy, rather than electricity or natural gas, then you definitely need to call your local HVAC experts to help you out.

Advantages of Using Fiber Optic Wiring

Advantages Of Fiber Optic CablesWe have reached a point where information can be delivered from point A to point B almost instantly. Our devices are constantly evolving and so does the way we transfer data. New and emerging technologies require more and more performance when it comes to running applications which also require high-speed internet. Cable internet access has done a great job in delivering a decent internet performance, however, fiber optic cables are now starting to become the standard. But what makes it so special compared to regular cable?

Great Performance

Because of the increasing demand for higher bandwidth, fiber optic cables are a great alternative to regular cables. Fiber optic cables have proven to be very capable of delivering high performances with the only limiting factor being the device it is connected to. Because of the decreased latency of fiber cables, download and upload speeds are far greater and the data can be carried long distances without interruption.

A great benefit is that fiber optics do not have a data cap but its performance will still vary a bit depending on the manufacturing process of the fibers. To have a general idea of internet speeds, fiber optics can deliver from 500Mbs to as high as 1000Mbs, compared to regular internet cables which can only deliver between 5 and 25Mbs.

No Latency and Equal Speed

Latency, a professional gamer’s worst enemy, is a term used to describe the slow processing of data via internet connection. The slow process will result in the delay of data transfer. With fiber optic cable, latency is almost non-existent. Latency can still be present in fibers. The way that fiber optics transmits signals is through light waves which means that more information can be delivered and communicating is much more efficient. Light travels the fastest in a vacuum, however, when it comes to traveling through the fiber itself, it will be bit slower but unnoticeable to us.

Because light is used to transfer information, this makes using fiber optic much safer than other cables that use electricity to transfer data. Symmetric speed can also be achieved with the help of fiber optic cable which means that download and upload speed remain constantly the same. For the average person, this may not be something of interest, as this is mainly a requirement for businesses requiring high download and upload speeds.

Resistant and Safe

In addition to delivering high bandwidth, it is also more resistant to harsh weather conditions. The cables can withstand bad weather, moisture and because it contains no metallic elements, it can withstand even lighting. The materials used in making these cables is glass and plastic which are materials that do not conduct electricity. This is a huge benefit for using the said cables, especially in part of the world where bad weather occurs frequently. Also, fiber optics are less susceptible to temperature fluctuations.

Unlike a regular internet cable, data transferred through optic fibers do not radiate signals which makes it harder to hack and as soon as any breach is detected, it can be easily identifiable. Therefore, it is the most secure way to transfer data. Because of the higher demand in internet speeds, fiber optics cables are becoming used by the majority. This type of wiring is becoming the standard and installation costs are decreasing. Compared to copper, fiber optics usually lasts longer and it eliminates the need to re-cable in to achieve higher performance.

Sustainable Energy Choices – How to Determine If Solar Is Right for You

solar energy

If you’re planning to use sustainable energy, figuring out how to determine if solar is right for you is an extremely important issue. Solar energy is the most popular and efficient form of sustainable energy available, and for many people, it represents the future of energy generation.

Can You Afford It?

Even though solar power is so efficient and a large solar array can last for well over 20 years, larger installations can also be quite expensive. The cost of a single solar panel is quite small, and you only have to pay about $13 per Watt on average. This means that, if you just want to power your phone and laptop, then the limited number of solar panels you require will not cost that much. However, if you want to start generating power in the kilowatt range, then a large solar panel array will be required, and the costs will be far greater.

The average solar installation size in the US can generate up to 6 kilowatts. The cost of such an installation, after tax credits, will be somewhere between $11,300 and $14,900. If you can afford that amount, or you are able to get a loan to pay for your solar panel installation, then you should be fine powering most items in your home all year round. If you also want to power large heating installations, the price will be higher, since you’ll need more than 10 kilowatts.

Despite these figures, statistics show that solar Denver panel installations are actually getting cheaper every year. Last year they were about one percent lower, so if you still don’t have enough money to install your preferred solar panel array, it might make sense to wait until you can find a more advantageous quote.

Will Solar Energy Help You?

As mentioned earlier, a smaller solar panel installation is of great use when you only have a few low power items that you need to generate electricity for on a regular basis. However, a larger installation would be required to power an HVAC, a large refrigeration unit or some other large equipment you might need.

But learning how to determine if solar is right for you also means knowing if the circumstances are favorable. For example, you’ll get a lot less power from the same array, if you live in an area with frequent precipitation, than if you live somewhere in Arizona or Nevada, where the sun is out in the open for much of the year.

Also, you will have to figure out whether you plan on staying in one place for a longer time, or you want to move more frequently. Solar installations are large, and would be quite difficult to move. Aside from that, they need a lot of space. So, if you do plan on moving, always make sure that your property has a larger roof that supports the installation of solar panel roofing, or a medium sized yard, which would allow you to house your entire solar array with room to spare.